Custom Sawmill Services

Turn your tree into functional furniture

Hazel Oak Farms has a WIDE Woodmizer bandsaw mill that can cut 36"+ wide, by 16' long. We offer custom milling services for $100 / hour. Price varies for kiln drying services based on thickness and wetness of lumber.

From Tree to Table

Full service sawmill, lumber sales, and custom furniture builds
Custom Sawmilling
Work with us to coordinate tree removal from your property.  We are able to manage transportation of the trees from your location to ours (price varies by job), or customers can deliver logs to our site at no additional cost.

Once the logs are at our shop, we are able to mill logs into dimensional lumber or live edge slabs. We are able to cut up to 35.5" wide full slabs, and we can do logs that are 40"+ wide in diameter.

Typically,  this lumber is still "green" (moisture content too high), so we are able to air dry or kiln dry lumber for an additional cost. 
Lumber Sales
Dimensional Lumber available for sale
 - Red Oak 6/4
 - White Oak 4/4
 - Walnut 4/4
 - Hackberry 4/4
 - Spalted Maple 4/4

Live-edge slabs available for sale
 - White Oak 4/4 and 12/4
 - Black Walnut 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, and 10/4
 - Elm 10/4
 - Honey Locust 10/4
 - Ash 10/4
 - Hackberry 10/4
 - Soft Maple 12/4
 - Black Locust 10/4
Custom Wood & Metal Services
Wide Panel Sanding 
Lumber Sales 
Circle cutting 
Table tops 
Wood Leg blanks 
Cutting boards 
Floating Shelves 
Lathe turning 
Counter tops 
Wood slabs 
Ripping & cross cutting 
Edge routing 
Wood Countertops 
Specialty Cuts 
Resawing to make thin boards 
Bookmatched panels 
Lathe turning blanks 
Plywood sizing 
Kiln Drying 
 Metal bandsaw cutting 
Custom Welding 
Metal Fabrication 
Metal Sales 
Metal CNC cutting 
TIG welding
Custom Furniture 
Design & Build
We specialize in building furniture, including dining tables, desks, clocks, countertops, beds, shelving, and more. We are able to use custom milled lumber for these furniture builds. 

Pictured: Walnut Dining table featuring slabs that we milled, dried and turned into a finished table. 

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Frequently asked questions.
  1. Can Hazel Oak Farms pick up logs from my site?
    We encourage customers to consider delivering the logs directly to our shop to help save on cost. Depending on the size of the project, we are able to pick up logs for a customer wanting to complete a custom milling project. There is an additional fee for log transport, so please get in touch with us to discuss in more detail.
  2. What is the average cost for custom milling?
    Prices can vary greatly from project to project. The average log generally takes 2-3 hours to process and mill.

    Custom kiln drying can cost $1-1.50/bd ft.

    Typically customers bring us multiple logs, but cost per project can range from a couple hundred dollars, to a couple thousand. Depending on how many logs need to be cut. 
  3. Do I need to kiln dry the lumber?
    Typically yes, we will need to kiln dry your lumber after cutting. 

    Lumber is considered "green" when it first comes off the mill. Due to the moisture content, green lumber will warp, curl and shrink over time.

    You can air dry green wood. However, this can take several months (if not years), and you may ultimately not achieve the desired moisture content.

    Ultimately, it comes down to what the lumber will used for. For furniture, we encourage individuals to have lumber kiln dried down to 6-10%. Lumber being used outdoor use (eg. house framing) should be dried to 17-19%.