Linen & Room Mist Spray (in stock)

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This all-natural aromatic room and linen spray will instantly elevate your space. Dispensed in translucent fine mist, you can transform your mood with these soothing scents:

Vanilla Coconut - this warm, sweet vanilla scent has light tropical notes that are both lush and sweet. 

Bergamot Vanilla - warm, sensual vanilla combined with woody sandalwood is the perfect balance for him and her. 

Lavender Garden - tranquil lavender with woody undertones in this scent to freshen your space. The patented odor neutralizing technology in this fragrance to eliminates unpleasant odors.

Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol) and All-Natural Fragrance Oils.

To use: Shake well before use. Simply spray in any area or on desired items to give an all-natural scent. Scents last the longest when sprayed directly onto fabrics, blankets, pillows, clothing, etc. This product may not be safe on all materials. Test on a small, inconspicuous portion of textile.


Size: 4.5" tall x 1.9" wide

Fill: 4 oz

Hand poured and made in the USA. All scents are cruelty free and phthalate free.