Modern Handmade Baby Quilt - Scrappy Christmas Quilt

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This listing is for one, handmade baby quilt. Gift this special, handmade baby quilt to the mother or father to-be for their special bundle of joy! The quilt could also be the perfect gift for a niece, nephew, or grandchild on their first birthday! This quilt could be easily thrown into baby's stroller, used for tummy time, or showcased on the wall of your child's nursery or bedroom.

This modern baby step pattern showcases a scrappy quilt patterns using coordinating Christmas-themed cotton fabrics. Fabric colors include reds, greens, whites, and other colors. The backing is a soft, plush cream color. The binding is a silver sparkle pattern. The long-arm quilting pattern is completed with off-white stitching. 

Care Instructions: Wash your quilt in cool water and always include a color catcher for the first couple washes. This prevents any bleeding in high-contrast fabrics.

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Measures approximately 42" x 30"