Live Edge Walnut Ottoman Foot Stool Table for 19" Ottoman (in stock)

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Size 19"

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This listing is for one, ottoman table. This table will fit right over the top of your ottoman or foot stool. Featured table is created using a single, live edge slab walnut top with a clear satin finish.

Production Lead Time

This product is in stock and ships out within 2-5 business days. This product is handmade and made in the USA.


We use kiln dried live edge walnut wood in the construction of this table. This table has multiple coats of protective finish.

Listed dimensions based on the width of the widest point of your own ottoman or foot stool. Please keep in mind that this table is made to order and will be constructed to fit the custom width of your ottoman. It will be designed to measure approximately 1/4" wider than the ottoman.

Approximate dimensions of item in photo:
- 1" thick slab
- 12" wide slab
- 19 3/8" long underneath
- 16" length down the side of ottoman
- Fits 19" wide ottoman

This particular product is finished with a high quality, natural black finish that has 0% VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is very easy to maintain! The finish is formulated using advanced molecular bonding so that it protects wood from water, heat and daily wear & tear. It is a plant based hardwax oil wood finish with a matte appearance to help keep the natural look and feel of the wood. It is water-resistant. Please note that we can do a poly-based finish and various stain options by custom request.

We use only local hardwoods and softwoods. This piece of furniture is handmade from our shop in Eastern Iowa, and we ship everywhere in the lower 48 for FREE!



Have an idea for a custom table? Please contact us directly to arrange custom dimensions. Lengths of the drop on each side can be varied by request.