White Pine Lumber,4/4, Furniture Grade, pickup only

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Slab Number: 222 board feet of pine 

Species: White Pine - Furniture grade

Pricing:  $3 per board foot.  Individual boards range from $16-27 each.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 127" Long boards, 6-10" wide, 5 layers. Roughly 222 board feet

Additional Info: Flat, rough sawn, vertical grain

Defects:   Very tight knots

A pallet of very nice White Pine.  Cut at 4/4 (2.5).  Kiln dried.  *This is not available to ship.*  Pickup only.  If you want the whole stack, we can get you a quote to ship via LTL freight

*Item in photograph is the item you will receive.

All of our lumber is sustainably salvaged.  We air-dry and kiln dry the lumber down to a stable moisture percentage (6-9%). 

Flattening, finishing, and lift gate services available for an extra cost; please contact directly to arrange. Contact us if you have any questions